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Aladdin Eye-Lite Bi

There are three different versions of Eye Lite available: Daylight, Tungsten or Bi-Color. The Eye-Lite (Bi-Color)is the newest to the family and has two integrated dimmers: one that adjusts color temperature between Tungsten (3000˚K) and Daylight (6000˚K) and one that controls light output – from 5-100%. The unit has an integrated lithium-ion battery that provides a run-time of over two hours. The housing is made from 6061 aircraft aluminum and the quality of the light color is superior to nearly all other daylight LED lights on the market:
CRI: 97ra (Tungsten) / 95ra (Daylight)
TLCI: 95
Each unit has a standard built-in ¼” thread for universal mounting and a micro USB plug for charging.
The Eye Lite is ideal for many different applications. As the name implies, it’s perfect for adding catch-lights in the eyes. Its power and small size allow it to be placed just about anywhere on set (inside furniture, shelves, lamps), as well as in tight spaces (cars, elevators, etc.).
Features and Benefits
Slim, sturdy, lightweight and portable
Highly quality bi-color output (Daylight/Tungsten)
Powered by built-in lithium-ion battery or AC adapter (included)
Flicker-free by CC driver (93% efficiency)
100% to 5% dimming with no color shift
Long-life LEDs
Technical Specifications
CRI: 95ra
Color Temperature: Daylight (6000˚K) / Tungsten (3000˚K)
Beam Angle: 140˚
Housing: Aluminum 6061 (aircraft grade)
Cooling: Air convection
What’s Included:
Eye Lite (Bi-Color)
Micro USB power supply cable
Sales price: 7,500 ฿



** เลนส์ ZEISS และ Angenieux มีเฉพาะบริการซ่อมเท่านั้น (รับซ่อมเลนส์ Cinema ทุกประเภท)