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Cinetoys & Services

CINETOYS & Services


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(2090) Cineline 70 HD MB 1-stage (alloy)

For the passionate creatives

The complete tripod system includes a new HD Mitchell Base 1-Stage Alloy Tripod and HD Alloy Ground Spreader to complement the robust Cineline 70 Fluid Head. This premium product, with proven solid build quality, aims to help cinematographers capture content with ease.

“Miller designed the Cineline 70 Tripod System to meet the demanding needs of on-the-go cinematographers who consider speed, reliability and consistency to be paramount,” says Charles Montesin, global sales and marketing manager. “The system is Miller’s next step toward its continued expansion into the cinematographic market, as it is a feature-rich, cost-effective solution built to improve workflow and boost production value, allowing operators to capture high-quality shots with its smooth pans and tilts.”
Sales price:
    Single Stage
    Maximum Height:
    1549 mm (61 in)
    Minimum Height:
    737 mm (29 in)
    Mounting Standard:
    150mm Ball Levelling
    Payload Capacity:
    45.00 kg (99.2 lbs)
    Payload Range:
    Transport Length:
    946 mm (37.2 in)
    15.80 kg (34.8 lbs)



** เลนส์ ZEISS และ Angenieux มีเฉพาะบริการซ่อมเท่านั้น (รับซ่อมเลนส์ Cinema ทุกประเภท)