Teradek RT systems combine premium lens control technology with smart design for unparalleled accuracy and dependability on set. Integrated Lens Mapping offers auto-calibration of lenses to pre-marked imperial or metric focus rings at the push of a button. Integrated SmallHD monitor functionality offers live lens data directly on the screen.

The FIZ Kit includes:
1x CTRL.3 Handset
1x MDR.S Receiver
1x MOTR.S Lens Motor

Teradek RT controllers move your lens with perfect accuracy and offer up to 6 mappable axes and an adjustable fluid feel control knob. Controllers transmit using long-range, frequency-hopping 2.4GHz which can cut through the toughest interference at up to 5000 feet. Connect any controller with SmallHD and unlock FIZ lens data directly on your monitor.

Teradek RT motors offer generous power and speed for driving even the heaviest lenses, giving you responsiveness & precision with every pull. Motors are compact, lightweight and operate nearly silently even at the highest speeds thanks to their coreless brushless drive motors. The optional MOTR.S MAX offers almost 3X the sustained torque for stiff, resistant dials on heavy-duty lenses. MOTR.S MAX is sold separately. 

Teradek RT receivers are easy to mount, can connect to iOS devices via bluetooth for configuration, control, and support for up to three motors. The FIZ kit comes with either the new ultra-lightweight MDR.S receiver which suits extremely compact setups for smaller cameras, drones, and handheld configurations to optimize speed, size, and weight or the more robust multi-motor port MDR.X which offers additional third-party rangefinder integrations (FocusBug and CineRT). The Teradek TOF.1 rangefinder, sold separately, works with both MDR.S and MDR.X.

Note: While three RT Motor Cables are included in the RT FIZ Wireless Lens Control Kit (ST-ST 0.2m, ST-ST 0.4m, and ST-ST 0.6m), additional RT Motor Cables are available in specific lengths for additional motor (20cm, 30cm, or 60cm).